Your Love Moves

Your glory is in these mountains

Your golden orange glow shines on these peaks

Pines touch heaven

Roots anchor far into the earth

Your love moves within me

Like wind in my chest

A sweet shiver ripples through my body

I’ll praise you with repentance

I’ll retreat from temptation and simply seek you

I just want to be where you are

It’s here that I kneel, among deep layers of mountains

Arms up, tears coming down

Your mercies mirror these mountains

Your glory is unending

Your love moves within my heart

And I praise you

Ocean Beach Fishing Pier

It’s illegal I’m told.

Reaching the loop along Niagara Street’s cul-de-sac

pulling our procession alongside the fire lane

watching wind blow in from the west pushing the waves

that broke over the end of the pier.

Sand crunched between sandals and concrete

as we approached the locked gates

we watched as waves destroyed our plans.

Almost instantly, the waves weakened

and a lifeguard came, unlocking the gates

allowing pools of people to flock onto the pier

unaware that he was unlocking memories

of my childhood.

We used to live here by these tide pools

bursting seaweed bubbles with toes

camping below the cliffs where cars parked, under stars

waking and showering in public

cooking eggs over fire and eating breakfast on the pier.

Time doesn’t exist on the pier

it isn’t linear like the length of the boardwalk

it’s fluid and flows like waves

the smell of salt rose up from the tide pool below

nostalgia owned the air.

When we appeared at the center of the pier, we lingered

and as the last lagging relative approached

a stream of people dissolved and the north tip of the T was ours

watching our Pacific pulsing with life.

My brother opened the urn

the wind stopped and it was clear that our ocean approved

so he leaned far over the edge, arms outstretched, urn upside down

dumping death’s soot into the mouth of life

watching as a wave swallowed our blood.

Salty water fell from my face as I meandered away

drowning in tears when I saw three dolphins jump up and dive

driving northwest with the tide

confirming every fragile faith

I place in You.

White Butterflies

Life on earth

Spent inching along

Slowly, painfully

Spinning, then waiting

Just waiting to melt in a warm cocoon

It held you, helped you transform

Can you remember?

Life is delicate;

A proto-version of what we’re to become

Life is messy


But you’ll emerge graceful

Wind will carry shimmering spans of scale and vein

Over earthy wilderness


When white butterflies pass

I imagine I inherited beautiful alleles

A part of you within me

I’m grateful

I’m remembered.

He Holds Me

A beautiful lawn, lush and green like spring

Surrounded in river rock

Sometimes I feel like a rock

A lone rock in the landscape

On the edge of edging

Roots wrapping around

Suffocating me

Overgrown grass

Grabbing, pulling me into the deep ground

Strangled by strongholds

Kindness kneels

His love pulls me out of the ground, away from the edging

Releasing roots

He holds me in his hand


I’ve been considering starting this blog for a while but haven’t. I overthink it and keep talking myself out of it. But not today. Today I share my crazy thoughts to connect and inspire.

So my first post is going to focus on…dun dun dun…OVERTHINKING!!

I often overthink and over analyze things that happened to me throughout the day instead of just trusting God and living in the moment. You all know what I’m talking about…we think of the perfect come back hours later, we wonder what someone “really” meant when they said something, and we are quick to read into things that aren’t necessarily there. I’m not suggesting we stop trusting our intuition because it’s a huge part of discernment. I’m saying when we replay these things in our head and get stuck in a loop, we lose self-control of our thoughts.  Our thoughts are rooted deep in our hearts. And if our hearts aren’t right with God, then we become an easy target for the enemy.

Luke 6:45 says “A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” Or the mind thinks what the heart is full of, even if we bite our tongues! If we allow ourselves to get stuck in the wrong mindset, we aren’t fully trusting God and embracing the fruit of the Spirit.

I know that when I overthink things I start to backslide. I know that my heart is the fullest when I’m embracing blessings from God and focusing on His word, my husband, kids and family, and simply sharing the love and joy of Jesus!

I want to encourage you to do the same. God Bless!